Drawings for production

Implementation of executive drawings for production.

Design and 3D

Realization of 3D drawings; .dwg; .dxf;. Service is aimed at small companies that do not have a technical office within them.

Render and communication  

Rendering, Catalogs, Brochures and other communication material.


Design allows us to evaluate opportunities and critical issues and solve any design problem, allowing to zero the margins of error through careful analysis. For large projects, but also for smaller ones, 3D modeling is a fundamental phase of technical-creative conception, which requires an in-depth knowledge of specific softwares.
MCI realizes quality 3D models with the use of Solid Edge, Tekla Structural, Pro E, 2D Autocad.  

ABS / PLA pre-sampling

Made with 3D printer, it is a practice that, with a relative financial commitment, allows you to evaluate the design and, if necessary, perfect it.  

Logibarre and nesting

Optimization through logibar and nesting both in tubes and rounds and in sheet metal.  


Pre-sampling makes it possible to create prototypes before the actual realization of the product. Samples and prototypes make it possible to optimize the product before the actual production phase, reducing errors and subsequent costs.

The pre-sampling is made with ABS / PLA material, using a 3D printer. The production, which is the real core of MCI, is the phase that most dictates the scope of the execution.
MCI, which has been working in the sector for years, offers customized credits, according with the most innovative methodologies and technologies. MCI combines in a single technical competence, professionalism and qualified skills in the field of production, coordinated and directed with the principles of engineering and management.

Pantograph processing

• oxyfuel 
• HD plasma cutting 
• laser cut  

Machining works

•  turning  
•  CNC machining center (for small and large jobs)  

Surface treatments

• galvanizing
• painting  


The time factor is a crucial point in the production sector and MCI takes care of the delivery of the products made. With the aim of providing a complete service to its customers by avoiding further steps of the goods, MCI ensures that what commissioned them reaches their destination in perfect conditions quickly both in Italy and in Europe.