Lathe Tavoglieri TOV 460: the new arrival in the MCI workshop

Our primary rule?

Always be ready to meet any need of our customers.

For us at MCI it is fundamental to optimize the methods and the human, technical and technological resources to be involved when we have to complete the orders that are entrusted to us, so that a high quality final product can be provided in the agreed time ... indeed, if possible, even a little early!

For this reason, we decided to integrate our workshop equipment with the Parallel Lathe Tavoglieri TOV 460, a solid and precise machine, which will allow us to speed up machining, especially prototyping.

The lathe joins and integrates perfectly the other equipment already present and our greatest satisfaction consists in seeing our workshop grow steadily, where we can already carry out an increasing number of processes, even withstanding high workloads.

Needless to say that our Lathe Parallel Tavoglieri TOV 460 was immediately "baptized" with a high precision work entrusted us, with confidence, by one of our German customers!

Software Logibarre: we at MCI always respect the environment

Ambiente Logibarre

One wonders: "What does the Logibarre software used in MCI and the environment have to do with it?"
For those unfamiliar with the functions of the Logibarre software, we specify that it is used in MCI for the practice of "nesting" or for the optimization of the cutting plane of the tubes and drawn, with the minimum waste and recovering them, when possible.
But then respect for the environment?
Optimizing the cuts, having the ability to manage the processing queue, allows, as already mentioned, to limit the waste, reusing them when the software tells us that it is possible to do so but also reduce the consumption of raw material (and consequently the costs of purchase, as well as transport costs ... and pollution), reduce processing costs (reducing machine time, operator time and energy used) and finally (but not least) reduce delivery times to the customer.
• we of MCI that we are able to optimize human and technical resources with the possibility of reducing the final cost of processing, while improving productivity
• our customer who will benefit from a qualitatively better product at the lowest price,
• and, above all, environment is respected with less pollution for the reduced transport of raw materials and for the optimization of energy consumption and the reduction of processing waste.
It is thanks to this kind of virtuous practices that it is possible to complete the desired processing in a very short time!
MCI, always careful in safeguarding the environment and at the same time favoring its customers, constantly uses design and production software that optimize working times and methods: the Logibarre software is among the most used for the nesting.








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